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Will oPortfolio do XYZ? You're asking the wrong question...

Written by Jeremy Walker · Monday 10th June 2013

This is a post about oPortfolio - a project that Meducation and Podmedics are collaborating on. We have a Kickstarter project and would love your support!

The Wrong Question

Lots of people have been asking "will oPortfolio do XYZ?". As an open-source software developer I always find that a strange question, because there is very rarely a yes or no answer - the answer is pretty much always "it could do".

Most people aren't used to having software made for them. Especially in the NHS, people have to live with often outdated systems that are enforced on them. Change involves committees and boards that they have no real access to. The open source world is very very different. You get to choose what features you want in the product - you simply need to ask.

With oPortfolio, we are going to be guided by what doctors and students want. If a feature matters to lots of you, then we're going to work hard to get it in ASAP. If only one person wants it, then it's less likely to get priortised. Right now, the quickest way to get your voice heard is to support us on Kickstarter. When we reach our total, we'll be emailing everyone who's supported us to ask what the most important features are. If you want to make sure you're heard - that's the best way to do it.

The Right Question

In case you're wondering, a better question is "How can I help you get XYZ into oPortfolio?". Open Source is about people collaborating to make something better, expecting nothing in return. We'll write the code, but your input, support and guidance is what will make this happen.

Will oPortfolio do XYZ? Quite simply, yes it probably will, if you drum up some support for the idea and come and talk to us about it.

Please support us today. Thank you.